About Department

Our Computer Application Department is the outcome of combined effort of our faculty, students and the management actively supporting it, since its inception. In the new era of Global Communication, our department thrives to be the part and parcel of the Universe of knowledge sharing. It believes in holistic development of human potentials, technological skills, professional ethics and cultural values. The Institute is geared in nurturing and sustaining conducive ambience for sculpting budding talents into technological development.

Distinguishing features of our Department include rich intellectual human capital, result oriented work environment, value-added professional, soft skill development programs and career development and project assistance. Our students have been selected in several top notch companies over the years and today many are holding high ranking positions in the software industry. I feel privileged to invite parents and their aspiring to be technology leaders of tomorrow to visit and join our team and work together to make India a super economic power.


Bachelor's Degree in any discipline under (10+2+3) system with a course in Mathematics as one of the subjects at Degree level or a degree in engineering/technology.

Number of approved seats for MCA: 60 students

Duration : 3 Years