About Department

The updated Information Technology course leads students to master the latest environments, including Internet applications and design, apart from meeting traditional requirements for a computer career. This includes web applications that require enormous knowledge of components like web servers, use of web application tools, besides OOPS and JAVA, which is considered to be the de-facto language of the future. Students have greater opportunities in software development because of their excellent knowledge in Internet Science. Besides the job opportunities in the technology world, options are available to pursue higher studies in areas of networking, distributed systems, and web technologies.

Number of approved seats : 60 students
Duration : 4 Years


The department has latest technology based computer systems which include good computing facilities. It has developed different computer laboratories depending on different courses according to the prescribed syllabus of the university and provides hardware, software and operational support needed for the laboratory work. Each laboratory maintains adequate number of computers and peripherals of latest configurations for the students. Almost all the laboratories are equipped with computers to provide one-one support to the students for their lab work. The computers are installed with Linux/Windows operating systems and application software for conducting the official laboratory courses. The laboratories also have a variety of other software that includes various programming languages, development environments, advanced tools for graphics, numerical computing and final year dissertation works. All computers are connected to each other through 100 Mbps LAN and have 2 Mbps broadband WIMAX dedicated internet connection. Wireless internet connectivity is also provided from the department which can be enjoyed within 100 meter radius of the college campus.

Departmental Library:

The department has set up its own library keeping in mind the necessities of the students and teaching responsibilities of the faculty. It has a good collection of technological books as well as of core subjects in the field of information technology. The library has an organized reading space to provide reading facility to the students and teachers. Issuances of books are also provided and are maintained with proper records.