Human Resource @ Engineering Sciences & Humanities

Faculty & Staff List: 

# Name of Employee Designation Date of joining Qualification
1 Prof. (Dr.) Sourav Kar Assistant Professor (MATH) & Head of the Department 02.01.2006 M. Sc (Maths),B.Ed., PhD
2 Prof. (Dr.)  Jayanta Dutta Assistant Professor (MATH) 12.08.2002 M. Sc (Maths),PhD
3 Prof. (Dr.)  Banani Adhikari(Das) Associate Professor (PHY) 03.03.2005 M. Sc (Phy),PhD
4 Prof. (Dr.)  Susanta Kumar Saha Assistant Professor (CHEM) 03.05.2010 M. Sc (Chem),PhD
5 Prof. (Dr.)  Sanjib Bhattacharya Assistant Professor (PHY) 17.05.2010 M. Sc (Phy),PhD
6 Prof. Somedatta Basak Assistant Professor (PHY) 24.08.2004 M. Sc (Phy),PhD Registered
7 Prof. (Dr.)  Somnath Mandal Assistant Professor (MATH) 01.07.2005 M. Sc (Maths),PhD
8 Prof. Subrata Karmakar Assistant Professor (MATH) 26.07.2006 M. Sc (Maths), B.Ed.,  PhD Registered
9 Prof.  Bhaskarananda Dasgupta Assistant Professor (MECH) 10.11.2008 M.Tech (Mech)
10 Prof.  Rajeeb Chetri Assistant Professor (ENG) 08.02.2010 MA(Eng)
11 Prof. Rimni Chakravarty Assistant Professor (ENG) 09.08.2010 MA(Eng), B.Ed.
12 Prof.  Hrishikesh Roy Assistant Professor (ENG) 09.08.2010 MA(Eng)
13 Prof. Soumendu Golui Assistant Professor (MATH) 16.08.2010 M.Sc (Maths)
14 Prof.  Pinaky Bhadury Assistant Professor (MECH) 14.07.2011 M.Tech (Mech)
15 Prof. Debasmriti Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor (MATH) 02.09.2013 M. Sc.(Math), PhD Registered
16 Prof. Debarjun Dutta Assistant Professor (MECH) 04.10.2016 M.Tech (Mech)
17 Prof. Baidyanath Ghosh Assistant Professor (CHEM) 13.04.2017 M. Sc (Chem),PhD 
18 Prof. Bikiran Das Assistant Professor (MATH) 06.06.2017 M. Sc.(Math), PhD pursuing
19 Dr. Soma Adhikari Karmakar Assistant Professor (PHY) 03.07.2017 M. Sc (Phy),PhD
20 Ms. Sonia Pal Technical Assistant  17.10.2000 Diploma in Architecture
21 Ms. Rama Pr. Majumdar Technical Assistant 26.09.2007 LME
22 Mr. Benoy Sarkar Lab Assistant  01.09.2005 ITI
23 Mr. Pankaj Sarkar Lab Assistant 01.12.2007 MP
24 Mr. Bijoy Biswas Workshop Instructor 04.02.2002 Trade Course
25 Ms. Suvra Bhattacharyya Technical Assistant 04.01.2012 M.Sc.
26 Ms. Debalina Raha Technical Assistant 02.07.2012 B.Sc.
27 Mr. Gourab Kumar Sarkar Technical Assistant 01.04.2015 DME
28 Ms. Rishita Das Technical Assistant  18.08.2016 M.Sc.
29 Mr. Rabindranath Das  Peon  01.06.1999 Metric