From the Desk of Joint Conveners: IIPC,  Siliguri Institute of Technology

An Industry Institute Partnership Cell (EDC) has been set up with the aims to strengthen the linkages of our Institute with the industry and research centres in our country.

Objectives of formation of IIPC:

  • To invite resource persons from industry to conduct different seminar/ conferences (induction programmes)
  • To arrange industry visits and industrial training for the faculty and students of our institution.
  • To provide technical consultancy and training to small scale & rural industries.
  • To make collaboration with the industries for making Research & Development projects       
With Regards 

Dr. Banani (Adhikari) Das
Associate Professor,
Principal Investigator of DST funded major research project

Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya,
Assistant Professor,
Principal Investigator of CSIR funded major research project

IIPC committee members:

  1. Dr. J. Jhampati (Director-SIT), Chairperson
  2. All Departmental Heads and Administrator: Advisory Members
  3. Dr. Banani Adhikari (Das), Joint Convener
  4. Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya, Joint Convener
  5. Prof. Shubhojit Dawn, Representative of Electrical Engineering Department
  6. Prof. Debajyoti Misra, Representative of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
  7. Prof. Anupam Mukherjee, Representative of Computer Science & Engineering Department
  8. Prof. Shatadal Chackraborty, Representative of Information Technology Department
  9. Prof. Rajen Koley, Representative of Civil Engineering Department
  10. Prof. Debasish Das, Facilitator and Trained Teacher from NEN
  11. Prof. Sathi Ball, Facilitator and Trained Teacher from NEN
  12. Prof. Ankush Dasgupta, Facilitator and Trained Teacher from NEN
  13. Dr. Shuvendu De, Representative of Business Administration (BBA/ MBA) Department and observer of NEN Programme
  14. Prof. Bhaskarnanda Dasgupta, Representative of Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities
  15. Prof. Ratnankur Majumdar, Faculty leader of NEN Programme
  16. Prof. Sudip Das, Faculty co-leader of NEN Programme
  17. Prof. Apurba Chackraborty, Representative of Computer Application (BCA/ MCA) Department
  18. Prof. Swagato Kr. Chowdhury, Representative of HMCT Department
  19. Mr. Aniket Ghosh, Student Representative and coordinator of Students’ E-Cell
  20. Mr. Aniket Sharma, Student Representative and coordinator of Students’ E-Cell
  21. Mr. Showgata Chackraborty, Student Representative and coordinator of Students’ E-Cell