Department of Engineering Sciences & Humanities

Department of Engineering Sciences & Humanities

The Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities, SIT, provides the basic foundation courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanical Science and English mainly to the first year B.Tech students in all the streams of engineering disciplines being offered at the Siliguri Institute of Technology. The department caters the need for science and humanities papers for higher semesters also. During the year 2011, several new initiatives have been taken to upgrade the existing academic standard of this department. The student intake has increased from 420 to 480. As a consequence, the total number of sections in this department has increased from five to seven. A new department - Civil Engineering has been commissioned with student intake strength of 60. At present the total student strength stands at 409. In accordance with the revised WBUT syllabus, a new fully equipped laboratory in Engineering Physics has been built to cater to the needs of the second year (third and fourth semester) students of SIT in all the streams. Additionally, the faculty members of this department are continuing to contribute quite significantly in the area of research as evidenced from research publications in reputed international journals. As many as 21 original research papers have been published in international journals by the faculty members of this department in the year 2011. In total five books - Engineering Mathematics Volume I and II (Tata McGraw Hill), by Dr. Sourav Kar and Mr. Subrata Karmakar, Engineering Mathematics Volume I (Aryan Publishing House) by Dr. G. S. Mahapatra and Mr. Jayanta Dutta, Engineering Physics Volume I (Books and Allied Publishers) by Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya and Solid State Devices (Kalyani Publishers) also by Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya have been authored by the faculty members of this department. Moreover, two faculty members, Dr. Somnath Mandal and Dr. Prabir Kr. Panda was awarded the PhD degree in Mathematics and Chemistry in this year. Four more teachers, Mrs. Somedatta Basak (Physics), Mr. Jayanta Dutta (Mathematics), Mr.Amaresh Kundu (Mathematics) and Mr Subrata Karmakar (Mathematics) are pursing their course work as part of their PhD registration programme. Dr. Banani Adhikari (Das), Assistant Professor in Physics, delivered an invited talk at an International Conference held in Poland in September 2011 and also delivered an oral presentation at a National level conference at NERIST, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh in November 2011. Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor in Physics presented a paper at a National level Symposium held in Kolkata in March 2011. Two national level major research projects are continuing at this department – one DST funded project under the supervision of Dr. Banani Adhikari (Das) in Physics and one CSIR funded project under the supervision of Dr. G. S. Mahapatra in Mathematics.


Departmental Library:

In addition to the central library, different books of science and humanities subjects are available in the Departmental Library. The Departmental Library contains about 300 books with more than 40 titles.

Language Lab:

The language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. The students are guided with the advanced classes, to face the interviews with special training of voice modulation and personality development. Equipped with the modern technology, like digital screen and audio, the students are envisioned with power point presentation and advertising world. Moreover the students are practiced for the correct pronunciation of words and regular exercise of word building and sentence formation in English. Games, such as “catch the chicken”, “fish bowling” are played for the term “learn while you play” are exercised. Body language and business etiquette is given the first priority for the development of the student in the lab. The teacher and student is faced one to one for the proper development of the student.

Chemistry Lab:

Spacious and well-equipped laboratory to cater all the needs for B. Tech 1st year students.

Mechanical Workshop:

Well equipped with all kinds of modern machines and instruments, those are required according to the curricular for B. Tech students.

Physics Lab:

Both the Physics Lab-1 (for B. Tech 1st year students) and Physics Lab-2 (for B. Tech 2nd year students) are well equipped and well maintained.

Graphics Lab:

Spacious and long graphics hall equipped with standard drawing boards. At a time around 35 students can attend the drawing class comfortably.







S.L No. Laboratories Name Laboratories Code
1. Chemistry Lab CH191 and CH291
2. Mechanical Workshop ME192 and ME292
3. Physics Lab PH191 and PH291 (for B. Tech 1st year).
4. Physics Lab PH391 and PH491 (for B.Tech 2nd year)
5. Graphics Lab ME191 and ME291
6. Language Lab Hu181(for B.Tech 1st year)

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