Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves planning, designing and executing structural works. The profession deals with a wide variety of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and construction activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewerage systems, ports, etc. and offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities. The course curriculum includes the study of all the basic engineering sciences and is designed to introduce students to a variety of problems encountered by civil engineers such as structures, foundation, construction, hydraulics and environmental engineering, sewerage works management and costing, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, etc.

Number of approved seats : 60 students

Duration : 4 Years



Proposed Syllabus - 3rd year
Revised Syllabus - 3rd year
B.Tech Revised Syllabus - 1st year





Our Faculties

S.L No. Name of Employee Designation Highest Qualification
1 Prof. Ranesh Ch. Ray Assistant Professor & HOD ME
2 Prof. Goutam Kr. Nath Assistant Professor M.Tech.
3 Prof. Samrat Ghosh Assistant Professor M.Tech
4 Prof. Rajen Koley Assistant Professor M.Tech.
5 Prof. Mahadeb Das Assistant Professor M.E.
6 Prof. Alinda Dey Assistant Professor M.Tech
7 Prof. Somnath Majumder Assistant Professor M.Tech
8 Prof. Ritusmita Chowdhury Assistant Professor M.Tech
9 Prof. Debasish Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech
10 Prof. Rajib Majumder Assistant Professor M.Tech
11 Prof. Sumit Narayan Bose Assistant Professor M.Tech
12 Prof. Siddhartha Mukherjee Assistant Professor M.Tech


Our Technical Assistants

S.L No. Name of Employee Designation Highest Qualification
1 Ms. Sudeshna Thander Technical Assistant B.Tech.
2 Archita Ganguly Lab Assistant Diploma in Architechture
3 Bikram Bhattacharya Technical Assistant DME
4 Pritam Das Technical Assistant Diploma in CE
5 Krishna Shaw Technical Assistant Diploma in CE
S.L No. Laboratories Name Laboratories Code
1. Solid Mechanics CE 391
2. Surveying Practice I CE 392
3. Building Design & Drawing CE 393
4. Fluid Mechanics CE 491
5. Surveying Practice II CE 492
6. Soil Mechanics Lab I CE 493
7. Soil Mechanics Lab II CE 591
8. Concrete Laboratory CE 592
9. Quantity Surveying, Specifications and Valuation CE 593
10. Engineering Geology Laboratory CE 594
11. Highway & Transportation Engg. Lab CE 691
12. Detailing of RC and Steel Structures CE 693
13. CAD Laboratory CE 693
14. Environmental Engg Lab CE 791
15. Civil Engineering Practice Sessional CE 792
16. Free Elective Laboratory CE 793

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