Brief about OFFSET:
This club would facilitate the students to work beyond their academic syllabus and to introduce them to research domain. Innovative research oriented extracurricular academic activity would be encouraged.
Objective of the Clubs:
To encourage the students for innovative research projects.
Faculty Mentor Name of the Clubs:
Mr. Rupam Dutta
Student Registration Form to join in the Club:
Attached Separately.
Inauguration date of the Clubs:
14th March, 2022
Initial 1-month target projects of the Clubs:
To prepare a roadmap to develop a technical model.
Upcoming Events: Technical quiz will be organised in month of April. 
Target project: Targeted projects have not been proposed yet by the members.
Location (Physical) of the Clubs:
310 (tentative)
Details of the Incorporation of the activity in the time table:
To prepare prototypes, to produce research ideas etc.