Club of CSE(AI/ML)


About the club:

Optimization is the AIML club of SIT. We encourage students of SIT interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning to join the club. The club teaches students about Machine learning and Deep learning approaches. It builds a great environment for students to explore and learn about various topics of AI and ML. The club also provides students with resources and guidance to explore specific fields of AIML. It allows interaction between club members for possible project or research collaboration.


Objective of the Clubs

  • To create an environment for students interested in AI/ML to explore further and to spark an interest in someone who's new.
  • To educate students on what exactly ML is and to get them interested in ML.
  • To have hands-on sessions for simple experiments.
  • To guide a student with project ideas in the right direction.


  • Preliminary session for the new batch
  • Basic ML algorithms (Gradient descent, SVM etc.)
  • Hands-on performance on validation and testing metrics
  • Session on optimization approaches.
  • Hands-on introduction to simple ML frameworks (pyTorch/anaconda/google colab)
  • Introduction to Deep learning.
  • Research paper discussion session.


Faculty Mentor Name of the Clubs

Club Head : Mr. Anupam Mukherjee

Faculty coordinators: Dr. Biswajit Roy


Inauguration date of the Clubs

11th September 2023


Location (Physical) of the Clubs

Room No 204


Details of the Incorporation of the activity in the time table

Conduct meeting and activities at Friday 3:50pm to 4:40pm or when required without hampering regular academic activities