Institute Academic Council

Institute Academic Council


The Institute Academic Council is the principal academic authority of the institute and responsible for regulating and maintaining the standard of Teaching Learning, Research and Development, Consultancy, Skill Development and evaluation. It shall also be responsible for laying down the academic policies in regard to maintenance and improvement of standards of Teaching Learning, Research, Extension, Collaboration and exchange programs in academic matters.

Academic Council Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Position Mail ID
1 Dr. Mithun Chakraborty Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Jayanta Bhusan Basu Asst. Prof. Convener
3 Dr. Arup Das Asst. Prof. Member
4 Dr. Manas Saha Asso. Prof. Member
5 Mr. Anupam Mukherjee Asst. Prof. Member
6 Dr. Sirshendu Sekhar Ghosh Asst. Prof. Member
7 Mr. Rupam Dutta Asst. Prof. Member
8 Dr. Bishwajit Roy Asst. Prof. Member
9 Dr. Uddalak Mitra Asst. Prof. Member
10 Mr. Apurba Chakraborty Asst. Prof. Member
11 Dr. Banani Adhikari (Das) Asso. Prof. Member
12 Dr. Susanta Kr. Saha Asst. Prof. Member
13 Ms. Paramita Choudhury Asst. Prof. Member
14 Ms. Santana Guha Asst. Prof. Member
15 Ms. Debarati Mitra Asst. Prof. Member
16 Ms. Debjani Mukherjee Asst. Prof. Member
17 Mr. Sourav Kr. Mukherjee Asst. Prof. Member

Powers and duties of Academic Council

The Academic Council shall have the following powers and duties, namely: —

  • To consider or approve the recommendations of Departmental Academic Committees in respect of teaching methods, training facility and assessment of performance of students and library resources and other Curricular and Co-curricular issues.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the HOI for improving academic environment in the institute.
  • To consider matters of general academic interest either at its own initiative or referred to it by the HOI or a Department, and to take appropriate action thereon.
  • To maintain the standards of instruction, education, training and skill development carried on or imparted in the Institute.
  • To take measures to ensure excellence in standards of teaching, examination and research and promote accreditation and ranking related compliance procedures.
  • To provide guideline for conducting the examinations maintaining proper standards of examinations as recommended by the University.
  • To prescribe guidelines for paper-setting, examiners, moderators and others, concerned with the conduct of examinations and evaluation as per the recommendations of the University.
  • To prepare the Academic Calendar.
  • Supervising the functioning of the Central Library of the institute as per the existing norms.
  • Coordinate collaboration with other Academic Institutes and Industry.
  • To supervise Departmental / Institutional Academic and Administrative Audit Process.
  • To coordinate with the internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) for achieving academic excellence.

Meetings of The Academic Council

  • The Academic Council shall meet at least four times in a year. Not less than 7 days' notice shall be given for meeting of the Academic Council.
  • One third of the total number of members of the Academic Council shall constitute the quorum for the meeting of the Academic Council.
  • Any business which it may be necessary for the Academic Council to perform, except such as may be placed before its meeting, may be carried out by circulation of the resolution among all its members and the resolution so circulated and approved by a simple majority shall be effective and binding as if such resolution had been passed in the meeting of the Academic Council, provided that at least one half of the total number of the members of the Academic Council have recorded their views on the resolution.

Power & Duties of Faculty Members

  1. A faculty shall engage classes regularly and punctually and impart such lessons and instruction, do such internal assessment/examination evaluation as the Head of the Department / Principal shall allot to him from time to time and shall not ordinarily remain absent from work without prior permission or grant of leave.
  2. Conducting research and coming up with publications/patent/consultancy.
  3. Develop methodology to educate students about the topic and then implementing the same in the classroom.
  4. Development of course hand-out material
  5. Development of audio-visual/multimedia materials for the topic presented.
  6. Prepares and executes Lesson Plan.
  7. Completing syllabus within the stipulated time.
  8. Reports to the class on time.
  9. Maintain attendance record of students.
  10. Preparations of course file with necessary documents/records.
  11. Utilizes classroom assessment techniques as prescribed by the University/Academic Council
  12. To work for industry association (course wise) for enhanced learning,
  13. Develops test questions in consultation with the course coordinator.
  14. Evaluates tests (if appropriate, based on type of test)
  15. In consultation with the course coordinator/HOD, assures that course content allows students to meet outcomes associated with that course.
  16. Be available for student consultation on a regular basis, informing students of their availability for student consultations (both with and without appointments and makes sincere attempt to solve their difficulties (academic and personal counselling)
  17. Informs Course Coordinator/HOD within a reasonable time about students' progress and how effectively students are learning (identifies slow & fast learner)
  18. Keeps a secure record of each student's results, both electronically and in hard copy,
  19. Provides data relating to results in assessment tasks/exam events and attendance, if required, to the Course Coordinator/HOD.
  20. Attends meetings of the course instructors and course coordinator to discuss issues affecting learning and other classroom issues.
  21. Attends meetings with the course coordinator and the class representatives for the course to obtain  feedback.
  22. A faculty shall help the concerned HOD to enforce and maintain discipline amongst the students.
  23. A faculty shall perform any other co-curricular work related to the College as may be assigned to him from time to time by the HOI / HOD.
  24. Provides information about job opportunities in their respective field to placement cell.
  25. Guides students on career opportunities.
  26. If associated with the lab,
        a) designs new experiments, if any,
        b) prepares/upgrades lab instruction manual.
        c) ensures the availability of him/herself in the lab during laboratory periods for explanation.
        d) ensures availability of equipment needed for the lab in proper functioning.
        e) evaluates lab workbooks and provides feedback to student on timely basis.
        f) recommends for procurement of equipment, if any for the smooth conduct of all experiments,
        g) keeps the lab clean and tidy.
  27. Ensures quality, maintenance, and cleanliness of the dept.
  28. Carries out research/innovative programs in the department.
  29. Organizes need based workshop/ seminars / symposia / visits/ excursions etc. by coordinating with the concerned HOD.
  30. To carryout activities assigned by the affiliating University.
  31. Organise & attend FDP.


Chairman, Academic Council

Minutes of the Meeting

MOM - Institute Academic Council - July, 2023