Alumni Relations Wing

Alumni Relations Wing


Message from Chief Coordinator

Let us work together for a better tomorrow.

Greetings to all of you!


As Chief Coordinator of the Alumni Relations Wing of the Siliguri Institute of Technology, it is a great privilege to honor all alumni to this portal. It is   indeed our sincere wish to bring the alumni closer through this medium.


We recognize and acknowledge our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the Institute. As the alumni, you are the foremost brand ambassadors and can play a very important role in the development of your Alma mater with  your thoughts and suggestions.


The main objective of Alumni Relations Wing is to connect and establish a wide network among all the alumni and engage the alumni network for overall improvement of the institute. We welcome your inputs at all times.


We are together embarking on a journey that would benefit the Alumni, the Institute, and society at large. Please stay connected through involvement and participation in the SIT Alumni Relations Wing.


Best Wishes!

Chief Coordinator,
Alumni Relations Wing
Siliguri Institute of Technology

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