Dr. Pradosh Kumar Adhvaryyu

The mission of our Institutions is to enrich our society through education. This motivates the work of every stakeholder here at Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT). We are propelled by the belief that every student irrespective of their religion, caste, skin color or economic condition deserves a high-quality education be it in technical, management domain. The classroom technology and the teaching-learning method have evolved at a dazzling pace. The biggest challenge is to establish honest conversation in order to fix the broken link of education. Education is the defining issue of present time, crucial to everything from personal opportunity and social mobility to world peace and prosperity. To bring about the transformational change in the education system through dedicated work in order to provide solution to long standing problems, strong and disciplined leaders in the form of teachers are needed. This is the opportunity, which our Institution is prepared to seize with diverse outlook and approach. While we at SIT group of colleges strive to provide our students with the best supervision, guidance and support, we also expect our students would engage themselves in the academic pursuit with rigor, passion and determination as success is reaped by those only who diligently sow their seeds and nurture their work.

Our graduates being aware of the societal needs are adorned with the mastery of knowledge, acquired through theoretical as well as practical skills, with creative and innovative bend of minds will be able to address effective solutions to problems in various domains with proven attainment of leadership qualities and a desire for lifelong learning are within the expectations of SIT.

However, at SIT we develop strengths of our students by nurturing their potential but our prime motto is to enhance their sense of duty and humanity so that each of them becomes a laudable scholar and most importantly a humble human being.

We emphasized our students on two aspects: realize your dream and focus to achieve it through immaculate planning, discipline, determination and honesty. We demand our students to work hard and push themselves out of their respective comfort zones as inside comfort zone they may feel boredom, faces repetition and disengagement and outside the comfort zone they may be frustrated sometimes, happy sometimes but always be on toes of learning. Believe in yourself, always chant within “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”, define your life which has many constraints some of them are unknown, define and redefine your success metrics and keep on doing this as a continuous process in order to become a person in balance. Three qualities need to be adapted in staying balance in the journey are: 1) tradeoffs and defaults- choose the right defaults and may reset those to guide yourself towards habits for success; 2) managing self-energy-avoid draining of energy be it spiritual, emotional, physical or intellectual and 3) staying true to your personal values and character- there is always a fine line between working for a noble purpose and pursuing some external metric such as money or grades; I believe focusing on the former will open up greater chance to achieve the latter.

Our lustrous green location being far from bustling crowd and din of a city serves as a most conducive learning institution. We are in continuous pursuit to enhance the academic ambience in our campus through convergence of facilitating trans-disciplinary integration of applied sciences, engineering, and management and beyond. I hope students will have an enjoyable stay at our campus and enlighten beginning of their journey of thousand miles by making their first step inside it.