The Social Welfare Club and The VIBGYOR

The Social Welfare Club and The VIBGYOR

The Helping Hands (the Social Welfare Club) The VIBGYOR

Objective of the Clubs

a) The VIBGYOR: “Creativity is not the way we think, it is the way we like to live

VIBGYOR is the art and cultural activity club of BBA Department SIT. It is started with the idea of providing a healthy deviation from the rigorous routine of academics. The club believes that each one of us has a creative side to his/her personality and all we need is a conduit for our vigorous energies. It encourages students to engage in cultural activities exhibiting their talents. 

b) The Helping Hands (the Social Welfare Club) : "THE PRICE OF GREATNESS IS RESPONSIBILITY"  - Winston Churchill

In the era of self-centred thinking when the sense of responsibility towards society and the country is dying out. The Social Welfare Club however begs to differ. With the motto of "Service to those who serve others" the club provides a platform wherein the budding managers offer their voluntary service in various social initiatives undertaken. 

Faculty Mentor Name of the Clubs

  • Mrs. Paramita Chowdhury
  • Mrs. Papia Bhowmick


Student Registration Form to join in the Club


Inauguration date of the Clubs

The clubs were inaugurated by Mrs Paramita Choudhury and Mrs. Papia Bhowmik, faculties of BBA Department at 3:30pm on Friday 4th of March , 2022.


Initial 1-month target projects of the Clubs

  • Donation to Orphanage children
  • Wall Magazine competition


Location (Physical) of the Clubs

Room No. 101: The Helping Hands (the Social Welfare Club)  
Room No. 102: The VIBGYOR


Details of the Incorporation of the activity in the time table

Tuesday 3:00 pm – 3:50pm
Wednesday 3:00 pm – 3:50pm
Friday 3:00 pm – 3:50pm